Market research and customer satisfaction

An integral part of directing future business and marketing strategy, we design and conduct bespoke market research that is tailored to our clients’ specific company needs.

Market research objectives

Starting with a thorough understanding of the objectives of the research and the specific areas of interest to be measured, we develop a research approach that will deliver the required response rate and meet the objectives of the research, whether quantitative or qualitative research.

Market research applications

As well as being a valuable PR and promotional tool for creating customer goodwill, we use market research for:

  • Measuring customer satisfaction and prioritising actions to improve products and services
  • Supply chain research for new business acquisition
  • Database research to identify decision makers within potential new customers and influencers
  • Measuring brand awareness - how do you shape up compared with your competitors?
  • Researching customer and potential customer needs - are you supplying what your customers actually want?
  • Perception testing and image research - what do your customers really think about you?
  • Taste comparisons - assessing consumer preferences for food and drink products
  • Measuring potential demand for a new product or service
  • Product clinics and acceptance testing for new services and new product development
  • Website usability research to test user-friendliness, navigation and content of company websites
  • Post online purchase surveys - to profile clients' customers and their future needs
  • Measuring effectiveness of advertising and promotional campaigns

Market research approaches

We utilise a variety of different techniques for conducting market research, including:

  • Postal questionnaires
  • Telephone surveys
  • Online questionnaires
  • Face-to-face surveys, including in-depth interviews
  • Hall tests for testing new products or benchmarking against competitors
  • Face-to-face discussion groups – or focus groups
  • Observation
  • Desk research


Case studies