Commercial property marketing

We have worked extensively in commercial property marketing since 1999, most notably in marketing office space, industrial units and new commercial property developments.

Occupiers first

We never lose sight of the fact that what any commercial property developer or agent is looking for is occupiers. And, over the last 14 years, we've honed a unique process of identifying possible tenants for any type of commercial property.

From a few hundred square metres to many thousands, Carousel delivers to clients qualified leads that convert into occupiers.

Here we illustrate how our strategy succeeds over traditional marketing methods.

Bringing contacts into focus

This is key to your marketing strategy and Carousel's approach.

Because of Carousel's lead generation activities in the commercial property field, we hold a regularly updated database of more than 65,000 businesses and contacts.

Based on your brief, we supplement this with fresh targeted contact data to create a bespoke database specific to the property or development.

However, we know that purchased contact database lists will lack the quality and detail essential to effective direct marketing.

So, we call them.

And validate their details and their up and coming property requirements. We find out if they are, indeed, a legitimate prospect.

Targeted marketing and business-to-business databases

Widely regarded as having the highest quality database of potential occupiers, we utilise a unique research and validation system, designed specifically by us for the commercial property market.

  • Using sophisticated postcode mapping software, we identify the catchment area for potential occupiers
  • We design the database specification in terms of business type and size bespoke to your property
  • Our in-house 'Prospector' system provides excellent coverage of companies within the Midlands area and beyond, and frequently far exceeds counts of companies from bought-in mailing lists
  • We regularly source and validate external data to ensure comprehensive coverage
  • All records are telephone validated by our own in-house dedicated property researchers to verify contact details and business size, and to research relevant property decision-making contacts and their direct email addresses

Cost-effective communication

Commercial property direct marketing The qualification process will typically reduce a starting list of 1,600 records down to 950 live, quality prospects who have a potential need for your property.

And it's this smaller number that we focus on.

After all, in many instances, we're seeking just a single occupier.

Just one.

The sums

We reverse the common direct mailing methods taken by creative marketing agencies. Without contact validation, their fees, for example, will be based on contacting the original purchased list and playing a numbers game. Your design, print, mailing costs ... and repeat mailing costs, are based on much larger contact numbers.

Carousel takes the chance out of the numbers.

By presenting you with a refined target audience, your marketing budget goes much further.

  • Mailing costs are greatly reduced
  • Multiple mailing campaigns can be accounted for
  • Follow-up calls and emails are included
  • Branding, design and the communication go uncompromised

Knowledge and value

Carousel developed its first property database 14 years ago and it's clear that a detailed understanding of the commercial property business is essential to delivering effective direct marketing campaigns.

When you say BREEAM, EPC, parking ratio, lease break, yield, and PC ... we know what you mean.

Our settled team creates leads for every type of property scheme brief: office, serviced, industrial, retail, mixed use, refurbishments or design & build. It's not sexy work, but we know what we're doing.

Carousel's marketeers bring a high level of quality to projects, understanding that attention to detail makes all the difference.

All research and marketing activities are conducted in house, audited, measured, reported on and remain transparent to our clients.

It's this added value that cements loyalty from our property partners.

Happy clients

A combination of property owners, developers and agents who continue to choose Carousel's methods.

These include Norseman Investments, BAM Properties, Aviva Investors, GVA, Industrious, Stoford Developments, Colliers International, St Modwen, Prupim, BNP Paribas and Vodafone to name names.

Each project is unique and we start with the question "what are you selling?" Only after this understanding, can we devise for each client a bespoke marketing strategy and the resulting contacts.

The gamut of services

Marketing material is the vehicle for attracting potential occupiers. While we have carved out a niche in producing qualified leads, Carousel supplies all the media services necessary to support a marketing drive.

  • Campaign planning
  • Qualifying contacts
  • Postal campaigns
  • Email campaigns
  • Websites
  • Online marketing
  • Telephone follow-up

Campaign planning - an integrated property marketing strategy

Actually devising the marketing strategy. Who is our target audience? How are we going to communicate the benefits of any property?

We adopt a research-led approach towards commercial property marketing by first profiling the target audience and then formulating an integrated marketing plan in line with our aspirations for the target occupier. We project manage all elements of the marketing mix, deliver the project on time and in budget, and measure activity and results.

Qualifying contacts

As described above. Researching contacts with a true need for your product.

Postal campaigns

The design, print and mailing management of all offline material appropriate for a successful marketing campaign.

Creative design

Our in-house design team creates a brand for the property to differentiate it within the marketplace. Consistency of brand and message is achieved through the design of supporting and integrated marketing collateral, including:

  • Property brochure
  • Mailers and fliers
  • Website design
  • Signage and board design
  • Specification pack
  • Merchandising material
  • Advertising and promotional material

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Email campaigns

The design, emailing, telephone follow-up of target contact activity, measurement and reporting on effective digital mailings.

Telephone follow-up and lead generation

Talking. Communicating to prospective customers throughout the marketing process. Invaluable to refine a strategy, gauge feedback and report on so that aby campaign can be measured and adapted to ensure that objectives are met.

We employ and develop our own in-house specialist property researchers to conduct lead generating research at the highest levels within target occupiers.

Targeting either a specific subset or the entire database, we speak directly to each target company to ascertain their current property situation, including ownership details, lease expiry or lease break timeframes. We establish interest in the client's property or development and generate invaluable potential leads.

Websites and online marketing

Design and commercial strategy of the inevitable web presence that any serious campaign requires. In particular, its visibility on search engines. In fact, in today's marketing environment, the website merits far more investment, with the brochure being secondary.

Now a vital element of the property marketing mix, many occupiers start their commercial property search online.

Together with our in-house web team, we create dedicated, search engine optimised (SEO) websites for individual properties or developments, from cost effective template-driven websites to bespoke designed websites, rich in content with video tours and location supporting material.

Websites need to market themselves to the search engines, which means when people search for a particular phrase, your website appears in the list of results. If you design your website as just a brochure online, it is very unlikely that you will appear in any search results.

Maintaining your website

The flexibility of our content managed websites allows you to instantly update content and add news stories, case studies and imagery which means you can be more tactical in your internet marketing strategy and enhance your search engine listings. Clients can do this themselves or we provide a managed service to do this on our clients' behalf.

Online marketing

Including targeted pay-per-click (PPC) search engine advertising and social media marketing with the likes of Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Google Pay-Per-Click advertising

Where the marketplace is highly competitive and clients want an instant page 1 presence, we design and manage Google Pay Per Click advertising which is very cost effective and highly measurable. Our activity includes:

  • Keyword analysis specific to the property
  • Creating a range of ads designed to attract clicks from your target audience but at the same time deter clicks from non-relevant searches, thus ensuring best value for money
  • Monitoring and adjusting spend, ads and keywords as the campaign progresses
  • Reporting on activity and results

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Each of our direct marketing projects is completed on an individual basis specific to each client and we treat all information as highly confidential. All leads are communicated only to the client that commissions the project. We regard this as a cornerstone of our integrity and professionalism.

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