Here is a selection of our clients and what they've said about us. We have worked with a number of our clients for over 10 years.

  • BAM Properties

    With more than 25 years' experience, BAM Properties is a premier UK commercial property development company operating nationwide. BAM has created more than 2.5 million sq ft of high quality sustainable developments for the office, retail, leisure and industrial sectors, which bring benefits and value to the businesses and people who occupy them.

    We work with Carousel because they actually research and build a database specific to a commercial property and provide a professional end-to-end service for sending out and following up the campaign – which clearly delivers results.

    Martin Hill, Development Director, BAM Properties

  • Colliers International

    Colliers International is one of the UK’s top commercial property agents, providing a broad range of commercial property consultancy services including general practice surveying, fund management, destination consulting and property co-investment.

    Carousel's track record for generating enquiries speaks for itself.

    Douglas Bonham, Head of Out of Town Offices, Colliers International

  • Norseman Investments

    Norseman Investments is part of the Norseman group of companies, an East Midlands based family business with over 35 years experience in commercial property development, investment and management, regionally and internationally.

    We chose Carousel to market ONEDERBY because of their in-depth understanding of what makes a website work and, most importantly, rank highly on search engines for key occupier search terms. The new site looks fantastic too.

    Duncan Ashby, Director, Norseman Investments

  • GVA

    GVA is a leading UK commercial property adviser with regional offices throughout the UK.

    Carousel adopts a more targeted, scientific approach towards direct marketing. They research and build a database tailor-made to our particular needs and then design and deliver the message that we want to communicate – whether by mailer or email. This integrated approach enables us to coordinate a series of messages targeted at specific sectors or decision makers – and it brings results.

    Andrew Venables, Director, GVA

  • Stoford

    Stoford is a privately owned company established in 1997 to specialise in occupier-led property solutions for business. The company is involved in a diverse range of developments, and has an innovative approach to site and contract procurement.

    Carousel actually telephone-research every company and every contact, which means that we get a database tailored to our specific requirements, as opposed to just a mailing list. Their intelligent use of information and the depth they achieve within the database, enables us to target companies on a number of levels through repeated direct marketing activities. This provides us with qualified leads, and often gets us first through the door of a company before their requirement is out in the market place.

    Stoford Developments

  • Jet Environmental

    Jet Environmental provides cost-effective, energy-efficient heating, ventilation and cooling solutions, utilising the latest in air induction technology.

    We needed a highly targeted database, comprising the type of companies that are quite difficult to identify by traditional means - and all within a very short timescale. Carousel, with their own specialist in-house database, completed the project, mailed 84 prospects and generated 8 leads. Now that's a result!

    David Simpson, Director, Jet Environmental

  • KWB

    KWB is the Midlands leading independent office property specialists.

    Working with Carousel has brought fresh thinking and opened our minds to the world of marketing possibilities and, as a result, we are continually evolving our marketing strategy. They help us to research the potential of new concepts and can take the kernel of an idea and bring it to life.

    John Bryce, Partner, KWB

    What sets Carousel Marketing apart is their research-led approach towards direct marketing. They take the trouble to look at each property in detail and tailor their research and marketing activity to bring results.

    Nigel Tripp, Partner, KWB

  • Worcester, Bosch Group

    Worcester, Bosch Group manufactures heating and hot water appliances for the home, including gas and oil boilers, solar water heating, ground source heat pumps, air source heat pumps and underfloor heating.

    Carousel has provided us with a smooth running, complete package for measuring customer satisfaction. It enables us to concentrate on the results of their findings, rather than be preoccupied with the mechanics of the research. They work closely with us to produce and update the survey, outlining the main findings in a clear and concise report format.

    Sue Pennington, Worcester, Bosch Group


    LINPAC is an international market leader in the manufacture and marketing of packaging and supply chain products/services.

    Carousel Marketing took the time and trouble to understand our particular industry in detail in order that they had the credibility and knowledge to conduct the research that we required. Their determination to secure interviews at the highest level gave us invaluable feedback that has paid dividends within our business development.

    Neil Osment, Business Development Manager, LINPAC Corrugated Cases

  • Learning & Skills Council

    Responsible for funding and planning education and training for over 16-year-olds in England, the Learning & Skills Council has now been superseded by the Skills Funding Agency and Young People's Learning Agency.

    We approached Carousel Marketing in the first instance for them to help us with database management. We were delighted to find that they were actually a research agency with all the skills for handling data as well as conducting an extensive research campaign in a relatively short timeframe. Their approach and attitude have been very helpful and forthcoming.

    Mark Chambers, Marketing Executive, Birmingham & Solihull Learning & Skills Council

  • NHS Direct

    NHS Direct established a number of Walk-in Centres that were initially operated as a pilot exercise. They were designed to provide the ‘face-to-face’ side of NHS Direct and to act as a ‘gateway to health care’ – enabling fast, convenient access to local NHS advice, information and treatment. They also aimed to complement and reduce the pressure on local GPs and hospital services, thus increasing the efficiency of the health service so that ultimately resources were invested in improved services.

    Carousel consulted with the Walk-in Centre local evaluation working group in detail, visiting the centre and gaining a good understanding of the issues involved in order to design the research process most effectively. They fed back results after each stage and developed a good relationship with patients, enabling them to express their thoughts and ideas in a way which will help us to continue tailoring the centre to their requirements.

    Clare Craddock, Chair, Walsall NHS Walk-in Centre Local Evaluation Working Group

  • Hayley Conference Centres

    Now branded as Principal Hayley Hotels and Conference Venues, the company comprises 23 landmark city centre hotels and dedicated conference and training venues across the UK and Europe.

    Regular customer feedback is invaluable – it helps us see ourselves through the customer’s eyes and understand how we can continue to meet their exacting requirements. Carousel provides us with that independent view, always tailoring their research approach to our particular needs so that the results they present offer practical ideas that we can implement within the business.

    Jane Littlewood, Sales & Operations Director, Hayley Conference Centres

  • Autolink

    Autolink specialises in all aspects of vehicle fleet management in both the public and private sectors.

    We approached Carousel to help us identify the most likely clients in the Midlands who could benefit from our services and then design a structured approach of researching and building the database, circulating well-designed material to them and following up with telephone research to obtain feedback on any areas where we could assist. It’s about building relationships, understanding requirements and providing a tailor-made service – the same values that Carousel adopts.

    Roy Grute, Managing Director, Autolink